Stonework Services

Stonework Installation Services in Roseburg

Stonework and brickwork can add a gorgeous accent to your home, connecting your façade with the natural world. Stone pathways, patios, retainer walls, or pavement systems can all enhance the look of your house, adding gorgeous aspects to your already beautiful home.

Stonework and masonry have been key facets of structural design for centuries. Adding stone walkways, outdoor seating areas, or stone finishing pieces to your home can enhance your outdoor space and create a beautiful landscape to enjoy with your family and friends.

Benefits of Stonework Installation

Stonework and landscaping design go hand in hand, and the use of stonework to enhance your garden can offer some exciting benefits to the overall look of your home, including:

  • The range of colors, shapes, styles, and textures that stones can come in allow you to have a completely unique and interesting stonework design incorporated into your landscape layout. Whether you choose polished rocks to decorate your gardens or rough, natural rock formations, the possibilities for a unique stonework design on your property are endless.
  • Stonework is traditionally very well received, and visually appealing. Roseburg, situated in the middle of the Cascade Mountain range, is the perfect location to incorporate stonework into your landscaping design, and looks right at home against the stunning mountains.
  • Stones are extremely hard to break, penetrate, or destroy, so stonework can provide useful insulation and fireproofing to your home. Also, in terms of soundproofing, stones can provide increased insulation to loud sounds outside of your home, letting you and your family stay undisturbed by your neighborhood’s activities outside.
  • Environmentally friendly. Stones, because they don’t wear down or disintegrate like plastic, are great, nature-friendly alternatives to plastic or composite yard decorations. Plus, their expansive, indefinite lifespan helps you rely less on more harmful, disposable materials.
  • Stonework is extremely durable and can last throughout different kinds of inclement weather. Including stonework in your outdoor design can help you create a long-lasting, durable front on your house that will last for ages, and save you money by avoiding costly replacements.

Patio Installation

Patios are a great way to use your backyard for entertaining. Whether it’s an extension of your house or built into the ground of your backyard, a patio is the best stonework-related addition you can make for your home. That way, when you have guests over for dinners or social gatherings, you can enjoy the beautiful weather in Oregon while using your own outdoor space.

Commonly made of gravel, concrete, and brick, patios are a simple addition to your home that can completely change your way of living. The benefits to owning a patio are very long, but some of the biggest benefits include:

  • Low maintenance and little to no cleaning
  • Outdoor protection provided by covered patios can help shield you and your family from the sun
  • Entertainment opportunities and party planning available after installing a patio are endless
  • Patios add value to your home when looking to sell

Paver Installation Services

Pavers, most commonly known as sidewalks or driveways, are flat stonework installations that typically use bricks or concrete to create long, expansive pieces of stonework for your home. Similar to patios and other stonework, pavers can positively add value to your home, last through the elements, and are extremely easy to maintain. Carol’s Colors can help you with any stonework needs — contact us today!

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