Carol’s Colors Landscaping | Benefits of Water Features

Carol’s Colors Landscaping | Benefits of Water Features

Benefits of Water Features

Oregon can deal with some dry seasons, so why not bring in a water feature? When you work with an expert, adding a water feature can make your home vastly more enjoyable. Whether it’s a pond, waterfall, or wall-mounted water feature, you can enjoy several practical and aesthetic benefits. 

Creates a Healthier and Calmer Mindset

The sound of flowing water is incredibly relaxing. The sight of your water feature, proudly displayed so you can see it from outside and inside, can also improve your mindset during the day. It can also allow you a place to find some peace and quiet.

Lowers Noise Pollution

If you live in a busy or growing area of Oregon, a water feature may be needed to tune out the bustle. The sound of a water feature can lower some noise by absorbing it while also creating pleasant white noise.

Adds a Beautiful Focal Point

A water feature creates a lovely and inviting sight for guests and can make a landscape more dynamic and interesting. What may have otherwise been simply a hill or an area of grass is now transformed by a new and stunning water feature.

Attracts Local Wildlife

You can add fish to a pond; water sources will attract and benefit the local wildlife. Water features will likely attract many bird species, frogs, butterflies, and dragonflies.

Increases Property Value

While features like pools can add to your property value, they also add to your cleaning schedule. Water features like waterfalls and ponds are straightforward to maintain, as they filter their water through a pump so it doesn’t remain stagnant. Property investors like landscapes that already have established features and designs. Water features are a beautiful feature to your home that increases its value while needing minimal time or upkeep.

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