Carol’s Colors Landscaping | How Stone Walls Help Your Landscaping

Carol’s Colors Landscaping | How Stone Walls Help Your Landscaping

How Stone Walls Help Your Landscaping

Stonework for landscaping can come in several forms — patios, walkways, fireplaces, or stone walls. They can create a functional feature and naturally beautiful look to your landscape. Using stone for landscaping allows for the durability and longevity of your materials. There are several reasons why stone wall features can improve the landscape around your home or business.

Improved Aesthetic Appeal

Both the curb appeal and value of your home can be improved by adding a stone wall. You can choose the look you want by selecting the perfect color and size of the stone to better fit with the look of your home or business. There’s no doubt that natural stone walls create a beautiful backdrop for the landscape.

Added Privacy and Protection

Stone walls can lower noise and visibility, a feature some homeowners prefer to relax better on their patio and backyard. The walls can help keep out intruders while keeping in family members like children or pets who may like to wander.

Defined Space

If you have a wide-open backyard, you could use a stone wall to better separate that space into distinct areas for separate purposes. It can allow you to highlight particular views, different spaces for cooking or grilling, pools and spaces for relaxing, and patios and spaces for fun and entertainment.

Prevent Erosion

Installing a stone wall as a retaining wall can limit soil erosion along a sloping hill. It will keep the soil firmly in place, lessen the amount of irrigation and rainwater runoff, and prevent flooding near your home’s foundation. Retaining walls can also better direct where irrigation water flows, allowing you to water your landscape more evenly.

Add Stonework to Your Landscape

If a stonework feature like a stone wall is what you need to improve your lawn and landscape, contact Carol’s Colors Landscaping today to see how we can make installation easier.