Commercial Landscaping

Commercial Landscaping Services in Roseburg, OR.

Carol’s Colors gardening experts are well versed in landscape design for both residential and commercial gardening. From maintaining the grounds of your country club to pruning shrubs outside of your office, maintaining commercial gardening services is one of our more widely available services. Similar to our services for residential gardening, our commercial landscaping services are aimed at keeping your business looking pristine and presentable for customers.

To have a successful landscaping change of any caliber, create a plan with your landscaping company that details what you’d like to incorporate in your design. Using your company’s message and customized branding, alongside landscaping features, can help create a solid presentation of your business. Between organizing the aesthetic aspects of your business front to choosing the layout and budgeting, Carol’s Colors Landscaping is here to ensure that you get your desired landscaping aspects with top-notch service.

Landscape Maintenance

One of the most important aspects of using a landscaping service is keeping up with maintenance, and at Carol’s Colors, we can provide routine maintenance on your gardening and landscape design. We offer services for any kind of property, and any kind of landscape maintenance work. From mulch turnover to general pruning and weeding, our commercial gardening service helps serve the various businesses of Roseburg, keeping your business clean and free of debris year-round.

Irrigation Systems for Efficient Watering

Our top-of-the-line irrigation systems are good for larger home gardens, but are extremely well equipped for larger businesses or campuses that require multiple irrigation systems. Medical campuses, school grounds, or larger areas of turf that need to be manicured and watered more frequently are all handled with care, just as a residential neighborhood would. With our top-of-the-line irrigation systems, we can set up a sprinkler system that will keep your business looking refreshed and lush.

Intricate Stonework Services

Whether you want to install a more natural, river rock design or lay brick pathways, our stonework services can help with any commercial landscaping change. We work with you, and with your organization, to design and create the best plan for your business. Stone pathways, entryways, or even small garden sitting areas can all be achieved by our team, helping you create a perfect presentation of your business.

Water Elements and Installations

Our water installation services are a great option for businesses and industries looking to create a more serene, calm atmosphere for customers. For example, hospitals or oncology centers where seemingly bad news is sadly frequent can benefit from smaller seating areas or rest areas around water elements, especially running water, which can help ease someone’s pain after receiving upsetting news. Our team is fully equipped to handle any water element installation plan, and can help coordinate with you about zoning, budgets, and other important regulations before installation.

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