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Premier Landscaping and Gardening Services in Ashland, Oregon

Just as a book is often judged by its cover, the landscaping of your home or business is the first thing guests and customers see when they enter your property. Landscaping and outdoor design can increase your Ashland property value by thousands of dollars. When choosing a landscaper in the Southern Oregon area, consider Carol’s Colors Landscaping. We have a highly skilled team and are an experienced company you can trust. We love helping residential and commercial clients transform their outdoor spaces to showcase the beauty of your property.

Creating a Cost-Effective Landscaping Plan

We work with you to provide the most eye-catching landscaping plan that fits your budget. Our team will include you in the decision-making process as they develop a long-term plan to improve your landscape. While some updates and installations will elevate the beauty of your space immediately, remember we are dealing with plant life that will also flourish and add to your space over time.

Consulting with a landscaper is also important when planting trees and other plant life to avoid costly maintenance that could occur from installing or planting new elements too close to a structure or other plant life. Working with a professional landscaper will ensure the money you are spending continues to add value and enjoyment throughout the seasons and years while requiring as little maintenance as possible.

Premier Landscape Gardening

Residents of Ashland are able to enjoy the four distinct seasons, thanks to the mild climate of Southern Oregon. Our expert design team will make sure you consider what your landscaping will look like throughout all four seasons. We will help you get the most for your money by guiding you in making decisions about your garden and landscaping design that will have an impact year-round.

Consulting with an experienced landscaper about your garden is also a great way to minimize maintenance responsibilities in your outdoor space. We can work with you to meet your landscaping goals by helping you select optimal flowers, shrubs, trees, and edging that will co-exist and look great together. Our team also excels at helping home and business owners to bring beauty to “problem” areas, such as hills or poorly drained areas, by incorporating plantings to camouflage these spots. We would love to help you create the outdoor space you’ve been dreaming of!

Transform Your Property’s Appearance

Our team is proud to offer landscaping services for both residential and commercial properties. Homeowners can take advantage of our many services to increase the value and appeal of your home, as well as transform your outdoor space into a place you’ll love to spend time in.

Landscaping and gardening are also crucial when it comes to selling a home. A well-thought-out landscape and garden design will increase the value and appeal of a home. Whether you are putting your own home on the market, or you’ve flipped a house and are ready to sell, our team can help you quickly add value and appeal with a transformative landscaping design.

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