How Great Landscaping Can Help a Home Sell

How Great Landscaping Can Help a Home Sell

Landscaping is a much more important part of selling your home than most people might think. In fact, a great landscape comes with a variety of different benefits when it comes to putting your home on the market. Whether you’re a realtor or a homeowner that’s ready to move, making sure that you have nice landscaping is essential when trying to sell your home.

Increases Value of Home

Research has found that a great looking yard and landscape can help increase the value of a home by a large margin. Because landscaping is one of the first impressions of a home someone has, it’s crucial to make sure that it looks good. Having a beautiful landscape can increase the value of your home, sometimes up to 10%.

Makes Home Inviting

Another great part about having a nice landscape with your home is that it appears much more inviting. Again, your landscape is most likely the first impression of your home that a potential buyer will have. Having a beautiful, professional landscape will help to make your home much more appealing.

Helps with Online Listings

Having a great landscape is also important for when photos of your home are taken for online listings. It doesn’t matter how beautiful the inside may be, when people are browsing for homes, the yard and landscape are always one of the first things they use to decide their opinion on a place.

Hiring a Professional Landscaper

Here at Carol’s Colors Landscaping, we pride ourselves in our ability to create beautiful, professional looking landscapes and lawns. Whether you want to build a garden or you want to re-landscape your backyard, we’re here to help. For more information on how our Southern Oregon business can help you, contact us here.