Carol’s Colors Landscaping Services

Skilled in all areas of landscaping, irrigation and maintenance, we create, build and maintain the best landscapes in Southern Oregon. We love serving a wide range of clients, including Oregon Shakespeare Festival, professional offices, home owners associations, property managers and home owners.

  • Landscaping Service: At Carol’s Colors Landscaping we specialize in premier landscaping services in Southern Oregon. Our local, licensed & dedicated team can help create & maintain the landscape you have been dreaming about.
  • Gardening Service: Frequently, selecting the best plants for a locale minimizes garden maintenance responsibilities. We offer a knowledgeable resource for clients desiring optimal selections of flowers, green plants, shrubs, trees, and edging.
  • Irrigation Service: Grass, flowers and shrubbery that does not receive an adequate water supply at all times stands at increased risk of ailing and losing its lush, colorful and inviting content.
  • Stonework & Pavers: Properly installed stonewalls, patios, and pavers are some of those features that give your home a stunning, elegant, and luxurious appeal.
  • Outdoor Lighting: Outdoor lighting can help you show off the architectural features of the house that you think are exciting. Your home looks completely different at night than it does during the day, and that is why you need lights that will show off the sort of house you have purchased
  • Water Features: A water feature can be a beautiful addition to your compound. It adds texture, sound, and movement to your garden, making it look more natural and unique. A water feature brings together several elements of nature that all work together in harmony.