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Irrigation Repair & Installation Services in Ashland, OR.

A luscious lawn starts with a high-functioning irrigation system. Irrigating your lawn is of pivotal importance in today’s economy. A home is less likely to sell if the lawn needs too much maintenance or is depleted of greenery. Without a proper water supply, your lawn could lose the attributes it needs to sell your home and wow your guests.

Carol’s Colors Landscaping in Ashland can provide you with an irrigation installation or irrigation repair to serve all your irrigation needs. Former and new customers are invited to read our comprehensive blog to help troubleshoot your irrigation problems.

How an Irrigation System Operates

Sprinklers are underground irrigation systems that help give your lawn hydration. The main supply pipe will disperse water throughout your yard. Bigger yards require pipe ramifications that are connected to the main pipe. The pipes are measured to fit your yard’s specific dimensions so that every part of your yard will be watered.

Connected to the water source and supply pipe is a valve box. Valves are programmed to administer the right amount of water to your lawn. When they open, the water will exit through sprinkler heads, watering your lawn for the programmed amount of time.

Complications With Irrigation

When owning an irrigation system, it is important to look out for signs that there might be a systemic problem. The following is a list of troubleshooting signs:

  • Water pressure issues. If your lawn is becoming over- or under-watered, odds are there is a water pressure issue. This issue can arise from a valve not functioning correctly or damaged pipes.
  • Sprinkler head malfunction. Sprinkler heads can become damaged by the environment, animals, or human error. If a sprinkler head seems to be distributing an uneven or scattered amount of water, there could be an issue such as a clog, crack, or chip in the machinery.
  • Issues with water distribution. It is important to keep an eye on your lawn and the consistency of water it is receiving. If you notice that a part of your lawn seems overwatered while another seems underwatered, this could be the result of a leak, a failed program setting, or a failed sprinkler head.
  • Dripping valves. If you notice that the valves in the machinery are dripping, this could be a sign of wear from environmental byproducts. Valves should never leak if they are properly installed and undamaged.
  • Rising water costs. If you notice your water bill has suddenly risen, there could be a leak in your system. Never disregard a rising water bill because, over time, your yard could also suffer damage.
  • Dirty water. Dirty or discolored water can be a sign of pipes that are too old or that contain rust. This problem should never be ignored because it can hurt your greenery.

Carol’s Colors Landscaping in Ashland can help. Whether you need a new irrigation system or an old one repaired, do not hesitate to call and set up an appointment with us for inspection. Your yard and pocketbook will thank you.

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