How to Attract Pollinators

How to Attract Pollinators

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Pollinators, such as bees, butterflies, birds, and many other animal species, are vital to helping your garden grow and thrive. If you’d like to ensure your garden is lively and colorful this summer, here are some tips on how to attract these all-important garden helpers.

Add a Water Feature

A “water feature”, like a pond or small waterfall, attracts pollinators pretty easily. All animals are attracted to water sources, and adding a touch of nature to your garden can bring the pollinators out.

Use Native Plants

Local pollinators like local flora. While the exotic flowers may seem more interesting to plant, go for native species if you’d like to see more pollinators. These plants are already more likely to thrive in your garden, so it makes the process easier and keeps the animals happy.

Provide Nesting Areas

Not all of your garden needs to be pristine. Debris or clear ground can act as a shelter for the bugs, birds, and mammals that help your garden. If you want them to stay into the colder months and in the beginning of spring, these areas may provide help that isn’t currently available to them.

 Different Plants for Different Pollinators

Like humans, animals are attracted to different things. Hummingbirds, for example, like red or orange plants with funnel-shaped flowers or perches. Bees go for whites, yellows, and blues instead, and also like a spot to land on. Butterflies like anything brightly colored, and don’t care for overwhelming scents. Of course, there are still a lot of options to choose from here, so do your research to find what you’d like best.

Gardening Help

Maintaining a healthy garden isn’t always as easy as it might seem. That’s why Carol’s Color Landscaping has experts who can help you make that garden thrive this summer. Contact us to learn more.