Protect Your Garden From Pests

Protect Your Garden From Pests

Having a garden can add a beautiful element to your landscape. It can also provide practical benefits if you choose to plant herbs or vegetables. When it comes to maintaining your garden, there are several different aspects you will need to consider. This includes proper soil, planting, watering, and preventing pests from destroying all of your hard work. Dealing with pests can be frustrating, especially if they compromise the health of your garden. When planting and maintaining your garden, you’ll want to consider different ways to protect your garden from pests.

Promote Healthy Soil

Keeping your soil healthy is vital to the success of your garden. Healthy soil yields healthier plants that have a better chance of withstanding any problems that could be caused by pests. It is important to invest in good quality fertilizer, as well as a consistent watering schedule to give your garden the best chance.

Attract Beneficial Insects

Not all insects are pests. There are several insects that you could benefit from by encouraging their presence. These insects can prey on harmful pests which protects your plants. These insects are often in search of pollen, nectar, or shelter. You can encourage them to stick around by growing flowers that meet these different needs.

Use Smells as a Repellent

Pests can naturally be attracted to the scent of your garden. However, scent can be used to repel them as well. Strong-scented herbs can be planted among or near your garden. These plants include thyme, chives, coriander, and garlic.

Turn to the Professionals

If nothing seems to be working, the professionals at Carols Color Landscaping can help. We can provide the preventative measures you need to protect your garden against unwanted pests. Contact us to learn more about our garden services.