Low Maintenance Flowers and Plants

Low Maintenance Flowers and Plants

If you have a busy schedule, are forgetful, or just don’t have a green thumb but still looking to boost the appearance of your lawn with flowers and plants, don’t worry; we have you covered. There are several different varieties of trees, shrubs, bushes, and flowers that are not only low maintenance but are also pretty to look at and will have your neighbors turning heads in awe of your beautiful yard.

Barberry Shrub

Barberry shrubs are bright orange in color, deer-resistant, drought-tolerant, and contain thorns adding extra security to your flower bed. For the best foliage color, plant barberry in the spring in a half-sun area that has moist but well-drained soil. These plants grow 3 to 4-feet in height.

Smoke Tree

Smoke trees come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and colors. They can be grown as shrubs or trees. In the fall, they turn to a purple color that matches the vibrant colors of autumn. Smoke trees should be planted in very sunny places with average soil and good drainage.


One of the more well-known landscaping flowers, peonies are fragrant plants and come in a variety of colors. They should be planted in spring or fall and can be grown in either full sun or morning sun with afternoon shade. Peonies thrive in well-drained soil with extra compost or fertilizer.

Feather Red Grass

Different grasses add movement and color to a landscape without being overpowering. Feather reed grass is brownish-reddish in color in the spring and turns golden-brown in the fall. This grass can be planted in full sun or light shade and needs rich, moist soil.


Juniper is a classic green shrub that is easy to maintain. It reaches 12 to 18-inches in height and can be 7 to 9-foot wide. The shrub should be planted in average, well-drained soil and turns a yellow-orange color in the fall.

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