3 Reasons Why You Should Garden Next Year

3 Reasons Why You Should Garden Next Year

Gardening is an amazing activity for people of all ages, whether old or young. It’s a peaceful way to take some time to yourself and connect with the earth, on top of being able to grow your own food. And while this year’s gardening seasons may be coming to an end soon, it’s never too soon to start planning what you’ll plant next year.

Here are 3 reasons you should garden next year:

1. It’s Healthy

Gardening is ‘healthy’ for multiple reasons. Not only does it get you active and outside in the sun, but you also are eating fresh, home-grown foods that are much healthier for you than store-bought fruits and vegetables full of preservatives (if those are the plants you decide to use).

2. It’s Rewarding

Another great aspect of planting a garden is the pride you feel in growing your plants. There is something so special about planting a seed or small plant and watching it flourish, especially when it may be a slower process. Whether it’s fruits and vegetables or flowers, gardening is an amazing hobby to take up at any age to help spend time with the earth.

3. Gives You a Reason to Spend Time in Your Yard

Many people find that they don’t spend as much time as they want outside or in their own yards as they want to during the warmer months. Building a garden is a great way to liven up your yard, get some more use out of it, and get yourself to spend more time outside.

Building a Garden Area in Your Southern Oregon Yard

Gardening is an amazing activity for anyone. Here at Carol’s Colors Landscaping, we have years of experience creating beautiful gardens for people all over the Southern Oregon area. If you are interested in building a garden space in your yard, contact us here to learn more about how we can help build the garden of your dreams.