4 Fall Landscaping Ideas

4 Fall Landscaping Ideas

Spring gets all the credit as the planting season, but fall is an equally wonderful time to work on your garden. The weather is more predictable, the warmer temperatures make soil easier to dig, and there’s no need to worry about the soil becoming flooded with torrential rains. Take advantage of these benefits and check out our ideas below for enhancing your home’s landscape this autumn.

1. Create Your Own Mulch

Most people believe that raking and bagging fallen leaves is the best method for keeping their lawns happy and healthy, but you may want to reconsider that course of action this season. Leaves, twigs, tree bark, and other organic debris serve as natural mulch that improves the quality of the soil over time as microbes decompose it and release vital nutrients into surrounding root systems. You can simply wait until the season is over before pulling out your rake or look into buying a leaf vacuum mulcher. 

2. Experiment With Containers

The plants and containers you’ll find in garden centers at this time of year tend to be far cheaper than other times, so now is your chance to add personality to your landscape with versatile ceramic pots. When you use containers for your new plants, you can display them outside until the weather becomes too cold, then relocate them indoors to enjoy their beauty throughout the winter months as well. We suggest pairing pansies and violas with succulents for a colorful yet hardy variety.

3. Plant Trees and Shrubs

Bring sculptural forms to your landscape with a thoughtful selection of evergreen trees, deciduous ornamental trees, and shrubs. Japanese maples burst with stunning scarlet leaves, boxwood generates broadleaf foliage that can withstand cold weather conditions, and evergreens like birds’ nest spruce and Hinoki cypress work perfectly in containers, just make sure to give them enough water and attention to keep them thriving.

4. Include Fruits and Vegetables

Incorporate cool-season vegetables and fruiting shrubs and trees into your garden this fall. Kale, rainbow chard, and cabbage add texture to your landscape while also providing delicious and nutritious food for your family. Roses are classic additions to any garden, but you can also complement your existing plants with shrubs that generate colorful fruit, including bayberry, elderberry, winterberry, chokeberry, scarlet firethorn, and sumac.

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