Natural Mosquito Repellents To Plant This Summer

Natural Mosquito Repellents To Plant This Summer

How Your Landscape Can Help Rid Your Garden Of Bugs

Though there are a countless number of good things about summer, there are also some irritants that can alter your view of the season. One of the most prominent are the mosquitoes and other pests that can make it hard to enjoy your home’s outdoor spaces, and can carry diseases as well. Many people break out a bottle of bug spray or light a tiki torch, but these options are full of chemicals and can be hard on the body. If you are looking for a natural way to repel bugs, consider planting these mosquito-repelling plants in your outdoor living spaces.


Though many humans adore the smell of lavender in their homes and gardens, pests such as mosquitoes, flies, and even small animals hate it. Plus, lavender is a hearty perennial, making it a cost-effective option that will come back year after year.


Peppermint and spearmint alike will repel mosquitoes effectively, and will make your yard smell fresh. Be aware—if you allow it to, mint will take over your yard, so it’s best to keep mint plants in pots that you can position around your sitting areas.


Cats love it and bugs hate it, which makes catnip a great option for keeping bugs out of your yard. What’s more, you can dry some out for your furry friend when summer is over. This plant is in the mint family, however, so be careful not to let it spread.


Not only are marigolds beautiful, they also deter pests and small animals. For that reason, marigolds are great border flowers for a patio area, raised bed, or new landscaping.

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