Enjoy Bird Watching in Your Oregon Yard This Winter

Enjoy Bird Watching in Your Oregon Yard This Winter

Bird Watching in Your Oregon Yard

We all enjoy spending time outside over the summer, taking in the beauty of our gardens, and watching the birds, bunnies, and other critters that live outside. Even though your yard may become dark and drab in the winter, there are several ways you can attract birds all year long that the whole family will enjoy watching from the warmth of the house. Keep these tips in mind to attract birds this winter.

  • Don’t forget they are thirsty. Birds appreciate the food you put out for them in the winter, but keep in mind that they also need a drink. Plastic composite bird baths are often the best choice since ceramic can crack in the winter weather, but many homeowners also use bird bath heaters.
  • Maintain cleanliness. Bird feeders can grow mold and bacteria that are dangerous to the birds in your yard. For best results, thoroughly clean your feeders at least twice a year.
  • Try to avoid squirrels. Although they are also cute, squirrels will eat all of your birdseed and can destroy feeders. Try to keep bird feeders at least 10 feet from fences, roofs, and branches that squirrels can use to jump onto the feeders. You can also dissuade squirrels by using a cone-shaped baffle on your feeder pole and using seeds that squirrels don’t care for.
  • Use suet cages. Suet is typically a mix of beef fat and seeds that attract small wrens, woodpeckers, and nuthatches. Including these feeders in your yard is a great way to attract a variety of birds.
  • Use a variety of seeds. Keep things interesting for the birds you attract to your yard. Place feeders at various heights and use different types of seeds to get the best results from your feeders.

When you take the time to place bird feeders around your yard, you can attract birds that will stimulate visual interest all year long. If you need any help with your winter landscaping needs, Carol’s Colors is here to do the outside work while you stay warm inside your home. Call us today at (541) 535-7074.