Ideas for the Modern Yard

Ideas for the Modern Yard

Yard spaces can be hard to fill. It seems like most landscaping looks the same, and if you’re not particularly well-versed in the world of plants, deciding on what to do in your yard can be difficult to do. Fortunately, there are lots of options when it comes to landscaping design. If you’re looking for something that’ll stand out or just not bore you to death, here are the trends to consider.

Add Levels

Adding height to your yard is a sure-fire way to create dimension and intrigue to the landscape. By creating raised beds, garden walls, tiered plants, and tall flowers, your yard will seem varied even if it’s relatively flat. Installing hanging plants and fixtures, as well as high and low lighting, can help attract the eye to all areas of a yard.

Install a Water Feature

With so many options to choose from, water features are a sure way to spice up your yard. No matter your design style or budget, there are water features for everyone. There are even smart-technology water feature options for the tech-savvy gardener, allowing you to control the device’s speed, color, and function from your phone or tablet.

Use Stonework to Fit Your Style

Paved areas and stone pathways don’t have to be one uniform piece of concrete. There are infinite possibilities that come along with installing stone in your garden. Ranging in color, size, and shape, every style can be achieved. From modern to rustic, stone gives a yard flow and cohesion without requiring major changes to the integrity of your space.

The experts at Carol’s Colors know exactly how to design a landscape that’s right for you. Well versed in several service areas as well as design trends and installation innovations, Carol’s Colors can give you the yard of your dreams in any season. Contact us today!