Hearty Perennials For Every Home

Hearty Perennials For Every Home

The Best Perennials For Your Medford Property

Gardening is a joy, but also a time commitment. Each blooming garden or perfectly manicured lawn took many hours of labor and love to create, making the finished product even more impressive. Unfortunately, planting an impactful garden can be a bit of an unexpected cost, especially if you rely on annuals for your property’s landscaping. Fortunately, annuals are not the only option. Perennials are plants that return year after year, lending your landscape impressive color and lush greenery without the need to purchase and plant each season.

If you are looking for some hardy plants to fill out your space, here are a few to consider.


Hostas are a beautiful way to add some green to your yard, and they’re tough to mishandle. They often grow to incredibly large sizes and are perfect for transplanting to that spot in your garden that needs a little love.

Black-Eyed Susans 

These bright yellow flowers can add a pop of sunshine to any landscape. They prefer full sun, but can survive in partial sun as well. They are a great option for infusing your garden with color and height.


The daylily is a beautiful, fragrant flower that is as hardy as they come. This plant can thrive anywhere from full sun to partial shade and is great for filling out empty spaces and walkways. Beware, however—the lily family is highly toxic to cats, and even the water from their stems or the smallest bit of pollen can make your pet sick. If you have feline friends at home, best to stay away.


There are few flowers more charming than the daisy. With its iconic white on yellow bloom, it’s difficult to frown when you see this flower. As a perennial, daisies can keep you smiling year after year.

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Even perennials need love and tending. Whether you are just starting your gardening project or need to keep it looking nice, contact us . We can help keep your Medford yard looking great year after year.