3 Types of Water Features to Consider This Fall

3 Types of Water Features to Consider This Fall

Fall is a perfect time to upgrade your landscaping. Many Southern Oregon property owners choose to install a water feature that provides a visual focal point and adds interesting sound elements to their garden. There are a variety of choices available to suit both residential and business customer needs. Consider these three water features for your property


Water fountains are popular options for property owners looking to add the soothing sounds of nature to their gardens. The vast selection of available construction materials allows you to find the perfect fountain for your style, whether it’s a formal garden or a more natural landscape design. There are a wide range of sizes to fit your unique landscape. Fountains that recycle water and pondless water fountains are both conservation friendly and low maintenance options.


Ponds are also available in various shapes and sizes, making them a great water feature choice for enhancing a natural landscape design. Adding elements such as plants or fish to the water will allow you to bring nature into your outdoor living space. Small waterfalls built into the design will bring the movement and sounds of flowing water to your water feature. With a minimal amount of maintenance, you can enjoy your pond year-round.


Choosing to incorporate a waterfall into your landscape design will definitely make a statement. It does require enough space for two separate pools of water at differing heights, so make sure your property has adequate space. Design options include free fall, stair step, or interweaving water channels. The installation will use either manmade or natural rocks and boulders to construct this soothing and inspiring design element.

If you are ready to upgrade your Fall landscaping with a water feature reach out to Carol’s Colors Landscaping at (541) 535-7074. We can help you choose the water design element that is perfect for your property.