Benefits of Mulching for Your Landscape

Benefits of Mulching for Your Landscape

Much is one of the simplest yet most effective additions to any residential landscape. These small flakes of wood chips offer several advantages. If you have never used mulch in the past and want to make the most of your garden areas this season, it might be time for you to try different types of mulch and gauge the results for yourself.

Mulch and Water Retention

One of the most difficult aspects of maintaining a healthy landscape is water management. While some gardeners overwater on a regular basis, others have the opposite problem and seem to experience plants drying out much faster than expected. Southern Oregon might have a relatively wet climate, but water management is important in many areas and is influenced by many factors, including slope and elevation.
Mulch helps prevent water loss through evaporation. After receiving water, mulched soil will maintain an appropriate moisture density as the mulch keeps the sun from evaporating water right out of the soil.

Mulch Stifles Weed Growth

If you have contended with weeds in your garden in the past, mulching can effectively smother them and prevent them from growing at all. Just like all other plants, weeds require water and sunlight to thrive. While mulch may help keep soil moist and you might think that this would encourage weed growth, the mulch also prevents sunlight from reaching the weeds.

Reduce Soil Erosion and Compaction

Soil should not be packed too tightly, nor should it be so loose as to blow away with a strong breeze. Mulching can help achieve a healthy balance of soil consistency that allows airflow and proper moisture retention while also keeping the soil in place.

Mulch Makes Soil and Plants Healthier

One of the most difficult problems to tackle when it comes to keeping your plants healthy is preventing soil and water from lingering on plant leaves. As dirt and water remain on plant leaves, this may lead to plant disease. Another way mulch keeps plants healthier is by helping to retain soil nutrient density. Watering may sometimes leech away important soil nutrients which then wash away with the runoff, but mulch helps to keep these nutrients in the soil where they belong.

Try Professional Mulching

If you have never used mulch before, you might find the sheer number of choices daunting if you decide to try this technique around your property. At Carol’s Colors Landscaping in Southern Oregon, we have helped many local homeowners choose the ideal mulching solutions for their properties. Contact us today for more information about mulching and learn how we can help you choose the best type of mulch for your property.