Outdoor Lighting Services

Illuminating Outdoor Lighting Services in Klamath Falls

When considering ways to elevate the look of your home’s exterior, outdoor lighting should be at the top of your list. Outdoor lighting is functional, practical, and can be a fun way to highlight different aspects of your outdoor space. From small light fixtures to light your entryway, to full lighting systems to keep your entire deck bright long into the night, our licensed professionals at Carol’s Colors can help. We can help homeowners illuminate their property with our exceptional installation and repair services.

Benefits of Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor lighting can provide a unique look and feel for the exterior of your home. There are several beneficial reasons in install outdoor lighting such as:

  • Highlighting specific features. You want your home to have great curb appeal during the nighttime as well as during the day. Just because it gets darker out, doesn’t mean your home has to hide in the shadows. Outdoor lighting can be used to show off different architectural features that you love about your home. It can also be used to highlight flowerbeds or well-pruned shrubs. You’ll love that your home can continue to turn the heads of people passing by, even at night.
  • Additional safety. When it’s dark, it can be hard to traverse your lawn, especially for guests who may be unfamiliar with the twists and turns of your different pathways. Outdoor lighting helps to brighten different walkways around your home. This can include your driveway to your front door area, which helps to make sure that your guests safely make it from their vehicle to your front door. You can also use outdoor lights to brighten the path to the back of your home, leading to the pool, patio, or deck.
  • If you are someone who likes to entertain, there is nothing worse than a get-together getting cut short just because the sun is going down. With strategically placed outdoor lighting, your entertainment space can continue to be just as welcoming as it is during the day. You can also use it to highlight ideal locations in your yard, such as benches, lounge areas, or pathways into your home.
  • Outdoor lighting can be a great deterrent for would-be intruders. They will be seen approaching, and your lighting can be attached to motion sensors or security cameras to ensure a good image of the person is stored. This also helps you to discover the wildlife that may wander into your yard. From rabbits to bears, you’ll be amazed at who wanders in during the dead of night. This can be entertaining, as well as help you catch culprits that may be tearing up your garden or getting into your trash. Outdoor lighting can also help provide peace of mind when letting your pets outside or letting the kids camp out for the night.

Installation and Replacement Services

We can help ensure the best installation of your outdoor lighting, as well as help you select the perfect fixtures for your needs. We can help plan optimal placement, ensuring you are getting the full benefits of your outdoor lighting installation. If you experience any problems in performance, we can assist in repairs that ensure the long life of your outdoor lighting system.

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