Commercial Landscaping

Quality Commercial Landscaping Services in Klamath Falls

Owning a commercial property is a significant commitment. You have to make sure that all the systems within your building are working properly, while ensuring that you are creating an environment that is welcoming to guests, employees, tenants, and prospective buyers. The interior of your building is only part of that picture. The exterior space of your commercial property can play a crucial role in how your building, and the businesses inside, are perceived.

You want to create an environment that is clean, fresh, and welcoming. The most effective way to do this is to invest in the landscaping of your property. Whether you are looking to spruce up the front entrance, or you want to create an enjoyable outdoor gathering space, the professionals at Carol’s Colors can help. We can provide expert planning, design, installation, and maintenance for businesses big and small.

Elements of Our Commercial Landscaping Services

Commercial properties differ vastly from residential ones in many ways. With commercial properties, there is an additional pressure to make sure any plant life is thriving and beautiful. These kinds of details have a direct impact on profits and interest in a building.

The landscaping for commercial properties can be much larger and maintenance-heavy. Increased foot traffic can impact the quality of the landscape, and put the health of your plants and greenery in jeopardy. We provide expert knowledge and tips for maintaining a commercial property of any size. A nicely maintained landscape is soothing to look at, increases worker productivity and attracts new visitors to your location.

When you choose Carol’s Colors for your commercial landscaping services we help with:

  • Planning and design. The best landscapes are composed of strategically-placed greenery, flowers, walkways, and other design elements. We help our clients to develop plans that are ideal for long-term success. We want to provide a plan and design that will remain effective for years to come.
  • Our professional crew can handle the installation of any landscape elements, including irrigation systems. We make sure that any plant or flower we plant will thrive in your specific location. We ensure that everything comes together for a cohesive look, and that nothing clashes.
  • Whether you need us for monthly or seasonal services, we can make sure your landscape is always looking its best. We provide services such as weeding, mowing, trimming, pruning, and plant replacement whenever necessary. We can also provide fertilizer and mulching services to guarantee your landscape holds its beauty year-round.

Perks of Commercial Landscaping

It is clear when a commercial property is owned and operated by someone who truly cares. A well-maintained property is obvious, and attractive to visitors and passersby alike.

Commercial landscaping can be complicated, and will often best benefit from the care and expertise provided by a professional in the field. There is no commercial landscaping project that we can’t handle at Carol’s Colors. We can tackle projects of any size, ensuring you’ll love the look of your property for years to come. We will help every step of the way from planning to installation and aftercare. This will increase your property’s curb appeal, attracting new visitors every day.

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