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Residential & Commercial Gardening Services Ashland, OR.

One of the first things that anyone sees before entering your home or business is your lawn and exterior foliage, so it is worth the investment to make it look fabulous. Our team at Carol’s Colors caters to a wide array of clients, ranging from residential homes to professional businesses, helping you create a gorgeous entrance to your property with your preferred design elements. Our services in Grants Pass aim to serve the city and local area, creating better landscaping designs, one property at a time.

Landscaping Plans that Work Within Your Budget

As with any home improvement or business redesign project, pricing and budgeting is likely at the forefront of your decision-making process. At Carol’s Colors, our team can help you design the landscape of your dreams while working well within your personal budget. Our team is trained to evaluate your property and create a striking design. Our designs incorporate your requested elements, while staying budget friendly.

Creating a cohesive, interesting design for your property not only makes it intriguing, it increases the property value as a whole. This allows you to reap the benefits of your redesign both while owning the property and later on if you decide to sell.

Premier Landscape Gardening and Maintenance

Oregon’s gorgeous climate has very distinct seasons, all in need of different kinds of garden maintenance. For example, fall brings fallen leaves and frosts to the region, so it’s important to ensure that your yard is free of debris and well-equipped to handle lower temperatures. These important maintenance routines that can help your garden stay pristine throughout all seasons.

One of the most important steps to ensuring that your garden fares well in different seasons is choosing the right plants for your landscape design. In addition to climate, the topical geography of your property is important to consider. During a consultation and landscaping design structure, we make sure that you can take advantage of your whole property, rather than just the easy or obvious garden spots.

Our landscaping team has a wealth of knowledge available on local foliage and different plants that work well with the climate and geography of Grants Pass, helping you create a design that looks stunning year-round.

Increase Your Curb Appeal

Carol’s Colors offers gardening services for both businesses and homes. Our residential services help you increase the value of your property, and enhance the market appeal of your home.

Landscaping design is as powerful as interior design when it comes to real estate. Ensuring that the exterior of your home is appealing to potential buyers is important for selling your home. With a gorgeous landscape design, you can increase your property value substantially.

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With Carol’s colors, your satisfaction with your landscape redesign is our top priority. We’re dedicated to working with you to help your landscaping visions become a reality, and our expert team is here to handle that process from consultation to installation. To schedule a consultation, fill our online consultation form to get started on your landscape redesign. For top-tier landscaping services in Grants Pass, look no further than Carol’s Colors.

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