Best Outside Features for Year-Round Outdoor Use

Best Outside Features for Year-Round Outdoor Use

Creating a comfortable, cozy outdoor space is one of the best parts of being a homeowner. From backyard barbecues to birthdays and family gatherings, having a functional outdoor space is key to creating the perfect venue for entertaining. Although most people associate outside spaces with warmer weather, creating a space that can be used in any season is the perfect way to make any entertaining event extraordinary.

Here’s a list of some great ways to enhance your landscaping design with features that help you enjoy your outdoor space in every season.

Decorative Gardens and Plants

Planting perennials is always a wonderful idea, especially in a climate that has a full climate range like Oregon. Plants like evergreen trees, succulents, and even herbs can be a beautiful ornamental addition to the soft scape design of your outdoor spaces.

Fire Features

In the colder months, one of the biggest deterring factors for using an outdoor space is the temperature outside. Thus, integrating fire features, especially fire pits, into your hardscape and stone design can create the perfect setting for cozy nights around the fire in the fall and winter months.

Outdoor Lighting

Utilizing your outdoor spaces in the winter includes the overall display, and making sure your outdoor lighting design can properly light your property can make your property shine year-round. From a functionality standpoint, creating well-lit pathways and walkways across your outdoor spaces can help keep you safe from slips and falls in icier weather.

Beautiful Outdoor Spaces for Use All Year

In colder weather, the exterior and interior of your house should be equally functional, ultimately providing you with endless opportunities in terms of activities and event planning. The right outdoor landscape design begins with finding the best landscaping company for your ideas. At Carol’s Colors Landscaping, our team can create the perfect landscaping design that helps you utilize your outdoor spaces in all seasons. For a full list of our landscaping services, visit our website and schedule a consultation with our team today.