How Often Should Your Lawn Be Watered?

How Often Should Your Lawn Be Watered?

Having a beautiful lawn is often a dream of homeowners. One of the main keys to a lush and healthy lawn is proper watering, but it can be difficult to assess exactly what the right watering schedule is for your lawn. While the general rule is that a lawn needs about an inch of water for it to stay green, there are a lot of factors that go into that.

Your number one focus may be keeping your lawn green, but the real goal of appropriate watering is to support a healthy and robust root system. If you’re not watering your lawn enough, it may be more prone to disease or drought. Here are some ways you can get the most out of your watering.

Choose the Right Plants

Having a lush, green lawn may not be practical everywhere. With slightly lower rainfall than other areas of the state, Medford locations may do better with plants that are hardy and can hold up to conditions better than something that requires a lot of water.


Knowing what type of soil and grass you have might be your best asset to keeping your lawn looking healthy. If you have a type of soil that is better at retaining water, you may have to adjust your watering schedule. 

Water Early in the Day 

Watering your lawn early in the morning is your best bet to keep your lawn hydrated. If it’s hot out and you water your lawn, the heat may warm the water and result in scalding your lawn. Wind and heat in the afternoon can also cause sprinkler water to evaporate before your lawn ever gets a drink. Avoid this by watering earlier in the morning.

With these tips, you should be able to keep your lawn happy and healthy all season long. At Carol’s Colors Landscaping, we offer different watering solutions. Contact us to learn more.