Benefits of Outdoor Lighting

Benefits of Outdoor Lighting

You’ve invested time and money into creating a desirable outdoor space. You’ve added a patio, chosen plants that are perfect for the view you wanted, and created a space for outdoor cooking. You intend to have friends over to show off and enjoy your space together, but night has fallen, and you’re left with just a dark area. Outdoor lighting is essential for your space, and there are many benefits of illuminating it.

Highlight Landscaping

A lot of time and finances went into creating your outdoor space. Strategically placed lighting brightens your amazing area, showing off the special features you chose. Statement lights can add to the décor theme of your landscape or garden. Lighting can also be used to create barriers and mark property lines.

Creates Ambiance

All lights brighten an area, but choosing the right lights can add to the ambiance you want for your space. Warm lighting creates a welcoming environment for your family and friends. Since outdoor lights come in a multitude of shapes and designs, you’ll find lights that fit your home and needs.

Improve Safety 

Lights can be used to brighten paths, walkways, driveways, and stairs. Lights provide a safe and clear path for your family and your guests, while also deterring anyone who has ill intent. Since burglary is often regarded as the most common threat to your home, illuminating dark nooks and crannies around your home reduces hidden access points for criminals.

Increase Curb Appeal

Due to the above reasons, outdoor lighting can significantly increase your home value and curb appeal. An outdoor space is becoming increasingly more important for a home to have, but a simple patio is no longer in style. A multi-functional space is required to truly increase value. You can also hide things like utility sheds in the shadows, pulling focus to the points in your area that you want to highlight.

Outdoor Lighting in Southern Oregon

Southern Oregon provides an ideal climate to enjoy your space after the sun goes down. Schedule a consultation with Carol’s Colors Landscaping today. We’ll use our years of experience to help you illuminate your outdoor area.