Why Your Backyard Will Benefit From a Pond

Why Your Backyard Will Benefit From a Pond

Maintaining a beautiful backyard space can be rewarding. A garden is a great way to add a pop of color and better utilize the space you have. When considering ways to elevate your space further, you might consider installing a pond in your backyard. A simple water feature like a small pond can provide an additional sense of tranquility while relaxing in your outdoor space. Additionally, it can attract wildlife and improve local ecosystems. Even though most backyard ponds are man-made, they inevitably add a charming touch of nature to any outdoor space.

Benefits for Wildlife

Protecting and aiding wildlife is important, and maintaining a pond is a simple and fun way to do it. Insects, amphibians, fish, birds, reptiles, and even mammals can all benefit from an outdoor water source. With freshwater habitats on the decline, even a small pond can greatly benefit the wildlife around you. You can consider installing different wildlife-friendly components such as:

  • Plants – aquatic and shoreline plants offer shade, food, and cover for a diverse population of small wildlife.
  • Varied depths – a shallow “beach” on one end of your pond can provide a place for land animals to drink, bathe, or wade when the sun is hot.
  • Rocks, wood, bark, etc. – naturally occurring objects can be arranged tastefully to both increase your pond’s natural aesthetic and provide cover for small animals.

Practice Permaculture 

A small pond is also a great opportunity for learning something new. (If you have kids, make sure to get them involved.) Even a small pond can create a distinct microclimate in your outdoor space that is ideal for certain plants to grow. If your pond is fed by flowing water so that it naturally replenishes, it can also be a great source for garden water. Your gardens may thrive like never before when arranged around a pond. A pond can help moderate temperatures and adds much-needed moisture to the air around it. A pond can also be the perfect solution for that otherwise unusable area of your backyard that turns into a soggy, muddy mess every spring.

Let Us Help

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