Protect Your Lawn Over the Winter

Protect Your Lawn Over the Winter

In the heart of winter, you can still take measures to help ensure that once the weather warms, your lawn will be looking its best. Colder temperatures and snow can impact the health of your grass, plants, and shrubs. With a few cold months still ahead of us, you’ll want to start thinking about your lawn’s health.

Caring for Your Lawn Over the Winter

Home and business owners want to keep their walkways as clear as possible in the colder months. Snow, slush, and ice can all cause an accident that could result in injury. The most popular methods of removing these obstacles is salt and other ice melting products. Both of these options are great for keeping walkways clear. They can also cause damage and death to your grass and plants. Ice melt products and salt can linger, building up over time and then get carried into your lawn by water runoff. You will want to be mindful of your use of salt; alternative options such as coarse sand could be a better option. 

You should try to minimize the foot traffic across your lawn to prevent excessive damage. In the winter, it can be easy to forget our natural paths and create new ones through the snow. This can cause greater damage to your lawn over time. It helps to be mindful of where you are shoveling, and how people are crossing your property.

The best way to provide care for your lawn over the winter is to provide care year-round. Proper lawn cutting, fertilizing, and grooming can all help to ensure your lawn is in the best condition possible before the snow starts to fall.

Trust a Professional

If you are concerned about how your winter habits are affecting your lawn, the professionals at Carol’s Colors Landscaping can help. Contact us with any questions concerning winter lawn care and maintenance.