Why Planning Your Tree Planting Location in Advance is Key

Why Planning Your Tree Planting Location in Advance is Key

Trees can provide residents in Medford, OR with a wide array of benefits, from sheltering your home from harsh winds to improving the property’s appearance and resale value. In addition, trees effectively absorb all sorts of pollutants from the air, improving your quality of life. However, many homeowners make big mistakes when deciding where to plant their trees. Trees change vastly over time, and planting a tree in the wrong place can result in costly damages to your property. These are some of the most common hazards related to a lack of planning when it comes to planting trees in your yard.

1. Proximity to Power Lines 

Not all trees grow to the same height. This, unfortunately, leads to some confusion about how much overhead clearance you should give your trees. A miscalculation in this area can lead to your trees disrupting power lines. Proximity to power lines can result in an electrical fire. 

2. Damage to Underground Utility Lines

When planting trees, you also have to be mindful of the roots. These often expand far beyond the trunk, and if not placed with care, can encounter all sorts of utility lines. This can cause extensive damages to your plumbing, in addition to other cables and wires run underground.

3. Structural Damage to Your Foundation

Roots can also extend too far towards the foundation of your home, shifting the soil and causing structural damages to the house. These can be incredibly expensive to address and puts your family at risk.

4. Risks During Extreme Weather Events

While you can’t protect your home from every possible natural disaster, you can avoid planting a tree so close to your home that it poses a significant threat every time you experience high winds.

Despite all this knowledge, it can still be challenging to predict how large and in what shape a tree will grow, which is necessary to ensure that your chosen location is, in fact, ideal. That’s why the team at Carol’s Colors Landscaping provides various gardening services, including landscape planning and tree planting optimization. For more details, contact us online