2021 Garden Trends to Watch

2021 Garden Trends to Watch

Many people have spent more time at home over the past year than they ever expected to. With limited places to go, it’s more important than ever that our homes look and feel the way we want them to. This extends to our yards as well. As spring draws nearer, it’s time to begin thinking about what we would like our yards to look like for the upcoming warm weather. If you’re drawing a blank on ideas, never fear.

Gardening Trends of 2021

There are several 2021 garden design trends that might pique your interest and get you inspired for the springtime.

  • Container gardening. Whether you are an apartment dweller or a homeowner, container planting really works for everyone. If you have a lot of green space, planting in containers as well as in beds creates levels that draw one’s eye around the yard. For those with small spaces or only a balcony, the vertical space allows you to grow a significant number of plants within your small area.
  • Just like in fashion, monochromatic ensembles are on trend in the gardening world too. It can be visually stunning to pick one color for the season and plant flowers of only that color. It’s an interesting concept that ends up looking very cool.
  • Intermix food with flowers. Most people don’t think to plant kale and cabbage in their window boxes, but many vegetables and herbs are quite beautiful. There are several options of edible plants that make for great filler in your flowered areas, and as a bonus, you can cut and eat them when they’re ready!
  • Make your yard a haven. With so much time at home, trends are moving toward making the backyard a kind of sanctuary in the home. Nice, ample seating, mood lighting, water fixtures, and privacy fences or tall plants all add to the illusion and make your yard feel more like a resort.

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