Benefits of Installing Automatic Irrigation

Benefits of Installing Automatic Irrigation

Southern Oregon may have a relatively wet climate, but many area residents find the plants in their gardens have trouble absorbing appropriate amounts of water throughout the year. People who are new to gardening and home landscaping may also struggle to determine the best approach to water management on their land. An automatic irrigation can help solve watering problems as well as provide a range of additional benefits you might not expect.

Put Water Where You Need It

A very common issue for property owners and gardeners alike is the fact that many weeds thrive off the water that nearby plants receive. If you spend time watering your garden, you could be unintentionally providing weeds with the water they need to grow out of control. Specialized drip irrigation systems work by supplying plants with water directly to their roots. This not only saves you from needing to do any manual watering, but also prevents weeds from growing.
Watering at the roots of your plants can also prevent many diseases that develop on the plants throughout your garden due to standing water on their leaves. If you have lost vegetable crops and flowers in the past due to diseases that began on the plants’ leaves, more controlled watering could be the ideal solution for your garden.

Save Time and Water

If watering your garden has become part of your daily or weekly routine, installing an automatic irrigation system can be a tremendous time saver while ensuring you are only using as much water as you need. Water conservation is vital across the country, so installing your new drip irrigation system could be a great environmentally friendly choice for your property while also saving you time throughout your day. Your irrigation system will only draw as much water as it needs, and you can spend your time on other things.

Keep Soil Healthy

Your landscape certainly needs water, but overwatering is definitely a possibility if you routinely water your plants with a hose. This may not only drown plants, but also turn the soil in which they are planted into a muddy slurry. The excess water will flush away soil nutrients and deprive plants of the food they need to thrive.

Customization for Your Property

Perhaps the best benefit of an automatic irrigation system for your home’s landscape is the fact that you can have your system customized to your property’s exact needs. At Carol’s Colors Landscaping, we offer fully customized automatic irrigation systems for residential property owners in Southern Oregon. If you want to scratch watering off your list of household chores and preserve your garden in an environmentally responsible way, we can help. Contact Carol’s Colors Landscaping in Southern Oregon today for more information about these systems.